155grad2014Dr. Michael McQuary is currently the only candidate to become the new trustee for the San Diego Unified School District Sub-District C. Dr. McQuary believes in putting education first with adequate and equitable funding across the district, instructional excellence in every classroom, and quality schools in every neighborhood. He recently met with charter leaders to open a dialogue about how best to support all students by creating these high quality, neighborhood schools. He is a strong supporter of charter schools that can help the district support his vision and mission. The charter leaders in attendance represented approximately 12,000 students in the San Diego community. Charter leaders were thrilled to meet with Dr. McQuary and welcomed the opportunity to share their success stories, as well as concerns for the future.

Dr. McQuary currently holds a Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from USC. His other advanced degrees include a Masters in School Administration from Fresno State University. He has 30 years of experience teaching and has taught elementary math and science, as well as high school math, adult education courses, and college courses. He has served in administrative roles such as project manager, county school program manager and curriculum supervisor (math, science, and computer technology), elementary school principal, CA state department of education, and Quality School and Distinguished School evaluator. He has also participated in leadership positions in the community, serving as the President of the Mission Bay Rotary Club, Secretary and Director of the Pacific Beach Town Council, and member of the PB Business Improvement District.

Dr. Mike McQuary Meets with Charter Leaders